Windows Folders Taking Ages to Open

For the past few months some of my Windows folders have started to take a while to open in Explorer. A great example of this is the Download folder, whenever I click it in the navigation list on the left I get a scrolling screen bar in the navigation area and it can take anywhere from 5 seconds to 2 minutes to load.

My first thought was that its progressive downward spiral in performance was due to its increase in size over time, its a download folder so that kinda makes sense right? First I disabled my Anti-virus and gave it another try, no joy.

I then started experimenting with different folders and discovered that if you open a folder, right click on the white space inside the folder and open properties there is a Customize tab.

Folder Properties - Customize Tab
Folder Properties – Customize Tab


In this is a drop down with a selection of different folder types to optimize the folder for, in my case it had defaulted to Pictures which was probably causing Windows to try and generate thumbnails or show images for loads of 1GB+ files. Once I changed this to “General Items” the load time returned to normal and I can now open my Download and other folders in seconds!

Feel free to leave a comment if this helped or you found other fixes for this.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Swollen Battery

It almost sounds like a fairy tail, doesn’t it? Somehow I always end up writing a post about problems with my Samsung Galaxy phones. Just to be clear, they are very good phones but they just seem to have silly problems, this time with my Galaxy S4 its a little more serious,

I purchased my Galaxy S4 back in August and before it even reached 6 months old I noticed it had started to switch off randomly. This started as a fairly rare event, growing to at least once a day. Eventually I decided that it might be an idea to remove the battery for a bit and re-insert to see if that helps, funnily enough the battery just dropped out as I took my case off. Thats right, the case, not the back cover. I didn’t think anything of it and started to try and piece the phone back together when I realised that something wasn’t quite right, the battery had expanded – perhaps swollen is a better word. Whilst previously it was a small rectangular, flat battery. It was now this rectangular, bulbous thing which wouldn’t quite sit right.

First port of call was Samsumg, they explained that this is a known issue that affected a number of models shipped within Europe. They also pointed me towards my nearest Samsung approved service centre to get it repaired. Alas, the swollen battery could have damaged something internally so the phone has to be sent away to be inspected and the battery replaced.

I plan to do this over the weekend and I’ll post an update once its back. In the meantime, if you have noticed your Samsung Galaxy S4 behaving oddly or switching off at random times, check your battery!


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