How do I start Samsung Galaxy S2 in Safe mode?

This week I’ve been having some issues with my Galaxy s2, primarily its because the settings menu refuses to open – and this is a completely vanilla setup.

Looking around I found a few great suggestions to load into safe mode, but for some reason lots of sites have a different method for loading into safe mode than the official Samsung site! So, to be clear, I have an international Galaxy s2 and mine is on a network called O2, although this may work with other models on different networks.

First of all, switch off your mobile. No need to remove the battery, unless its completely frozen 🙂

Next, hold down the power button to switch the device back on, as soon as it flickers into life let go of the power button and hold down the volume down button on the left hand side of the device. Keep holding this until you reach the initial lock screen and you should hopefully see the words “Safe Mode” in the bottom left of the screen. This will now let you debug your system without all the custom apps and services running.

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