Splunk in Windows 8 – Quick test

Since I have Windows 8 Consumer preview Build 8250 (64 bit) installed on a VM I thought I would give installing Splunk a shot. I downloaded 4.3.2 64 Bit, Splunk on Windows 8installation was painless and once started I could add event log data as an input without issues.

No doubt there will be some things that are wonky which have been changed by Microsoft since Win7/Win2k8 but I’m sure that they will be ironed out when Windows 8 is ready for general release. Also I found that Internet Explorer Metro wouldn’t load a local web server, it just sits looking forever while if you use Internet Explorer desktop (traditional) then it will load first time! Below is a screenshot of the summary screen after configuring it to ingest a few local event logs, no problems at this point or indeed when searching.

Splunk on Windows 8

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