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Whether you are an avid long term user or a new user of Eclipse I have no doubt you have contemplated changing the colour scheme. If you’re *nix user especially I’m sure you’ll have had a small panic attack at the horrendous white background. If you’re a Python developer you’ll also have probably found the current colouring doesn’t suit that sort of development, well don’t fear there is a simple answer!

If you have a look at you will find a world of themes available, but first you need to install a plugin. You can import the themes through Eclipse vanilla but I have found that not all the settings in a theme take correctly, also you can’t preview or switch between multiple themes, all you are doing is importing new colour settings.

To get these added bonuses you need to install the Color Theme Plugin for eclipse. Installation requires exactly the same steps as needed to install PyDev in this previous tutorial.

Firstly open up Eclipse (I am doing this in Eclipse 3.7) and navigate to the Help menu on the toolbar, from here select “Install New Software…”.

Eclipse Install New Software ScreenIn the top right select Add and enter the following details;
Name – Eclipse Color Theme Plugin
Location –

Select the plugin in the list and hit next, make sure to accept any licenses (after reading and agreeing of course) and hit next until it installs.

Once installed just download the themes you want from and then inside Eclipse head to the toolbar and select Window -> Preferences. Inside here navigate to “Color Theme” inside of “Appearance” which is inside of “General”.

My definite recommendation for any Python developers is the Obsidian Python Theme available here;
(Ignore the links down the right, its designed for Python and is very effective)

Once downloaded you can import a theme through the “Color Theme” screen in preferences via the “Import a Theme” button in the bottom right of the window.

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