Android OS Killing Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) Battery – UPDATE

My last update went through some troubleshooting steps I took to identify a disabled service that was causing my Android Samsung Galaxy S2 battery to rapidly drain since installing the Ice Cream Sandwich update. After making the changes described in the last post the battery seemed to last longer, but I was still experiencing poor charge hold times.
During my troubleshooting I also fired off an email to Samsung support which I did eventually receive a reply to, the response was surprisingly frank and honest. Essentially the reply stated that the battery my phone came with was not up to the challenge of running the latest update to Android (Ice cream sandwich AKA ICS). In the same email they also offered to post me a brand new battery that would be up to the job if I replied with my serial and IMEI details.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and you’re experiencing problems with the latest update then get in touch with Samsung here on their “My Samsung” support pages. I wouldn’t be surprised if they changed the battery being shipped with the S2 at the moment so the newer models hopefully won’t be afflicted in the same way. Certainly if you have an older model, and mine is from one of the first batches released, then you should definitely get in touch with Samsung support and hopefully you’ll get the same straight response that I did.

In the meantime, I discovered today that if you desperately need your phone to last at least the day then switch off the data network by holding the power button down until you are presented with a menu, from here select “Data network mode” and confirm that you want to disable it when asked.

Battery usage screenshot

The screenshot above illustrates how rapidly my battery dropped and then how the red line literally lasted hours until I was able to get it back on charge, pretty useful considering I needed the phone today.

Update: Read here for an update on how to fix the battery draining problem!

7 thoughts on “Android OS Killing Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) Battery – UPDATE

  1. Seems on my S2 I have applications running in the background which I have deleted with no way to stop them. The biggest problem seems to be that the phone ignores WiFi and always uses phone to download data. Very annoying, especially considering that icecream doesn’t really add anything I really need and make some things such as task manager a complete pain to use.

    1. Funny you say that, I’ve actually got another update to post today. The “new” battery that Samsung sent me is actually the same battery I had before! Also they now want me to do a factory reset which generally means they’ve no idea.
      I’ve also noticed that the battery drain doesn’t actually happen every day, but when it does have a look at your Android OS keep alive keep in the power monitor, it could be something linked to the WiFi/Data connection. I haven’t had the issues you have with it ignoring the Wifi when available but at the same time my data allowance only makes it half way through a month at the moment :/

  2. I have found out that everytime I get a message the screen does not sleep in the time set in the Configurations. Then, the screen drains the battery!

    It happens with an SMS notification or any other notification..

  3. i went to one of the Samsung outlet to ask for help. but they told me that they had to keep my phone and they even have to charge me SGD$30.00 before they would even check the cause of the problem for my phone! unreasonable! my battery dies really fast and i have to buy an extra battery and charge two battery everyday! :/

  4. Hey im having the same problem and it is massively annoying my phone barely makes it through the day since i updated to ICS.. The OS is constantly running at 80% even in the background, this problem only started since upgrading from gingerbread which had nothing like this problem. I found u can buy larger batteries that do last longer but require a new back cover in order for the battery to actually fit. I read they had released a patch to counter this problem in the US hope they release it in AUS soon.

    1. Have a look at;
      I’ve finally managed to get it back to being usable. Basically when the Nexus came out last year there was a software issue and they released a patch for it, that version is then the one that is being pushed out around the world at the moment. The issue with draining batteries was explained to me as being an issue with old settings being left over by the upgrade, I thought this sounded ridiculous and didn’t do the reset for over a month. Eventually I got so sick of it I gave it a try and suddenly my phone lasts for over a day without charge and reasonable usage.

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