Ice Cream Sandwich Battery Drain – UPDATE 2

Ok so my new battery arrived from Samsung and would you believe it, its the same battery I already have. Obviously I was skeptical about if this would have any impact on the poor battery life I’ve been experiencing on my Galaxy S2 since the Ice Cream Sandwich update but I gave it a try, which only went to prove my skepticism right.

It made no impact to the battery life. So instead I have monitored my phone for a while and found that the sudden battery drain is intermittent. At some point the

Battery usage screenshot
Power usage from previous post

Android OS doesn’t go to sleep properly and it appears to be related to the Wi-fi and/or a data connection. Today for example, I had my Wi-fi on all morning and there was no issue with the Android OS only keeping alive for about 25% of the total time since charge. Yesterday however, my battery lasted until about 2pm and the keep alive time of Android OS was about 80-90% of the total time since charge.

Samsung have now asked me to do a factory reset, which I always hate doing as no matter how many backups you do there is always some setting lost somewhere. If anyone else has any thoughts, experiences or if you are having the same problems then please leave a comment below. It would be great to hear the experiences of others (and from my visitor figures it appears a lot of people are having the same problems).

Update: Read here for an update on how to fix the battery draining problem!

6 thoughts on “Ice Cream Sandwich Battery Drain – UPDATE 2

  1. Hi, Ive been having the same drains issues for few months now, no matter the version 2.3.6 or 4.0.3. After full charge, get about 6-7 hours before completely flat, with android OS using 98% of battery. Phone has been sent in twice to Samsung with exact description, and it is still happening. Really pissing me off now, i have tried new battery, charger, reset, everything!, lol. I think they just don’t have an answer for it yet…simple as that (annoying paying monthly fees for the phones though)

    1. Aye, I had a chat with my phone operator over the weekend and they’ve offered to take it in for repair but… well it doesn’t need a repair, there is clearly some sort of software bug affecting battery life but obviously there isn’t much they can do about that.

  2. I have the same problem. Battery voltage. And now my battery lasts so much less than before…..once i fully charge i unplug the usn and it stays with the 100% icon for updatw please?

  3. my colleague told me to try factory data reset it. however, when i wanted to, it told me to delete my samsung account first before reset!! what to do?

    1. I’d do a full backup via Klies on your PC first and then do the factory reset, that should hopefully keep you from losing anything – although annoyingly it doesn’t keep your icon positions or desktop settings

  4. Since my galaxy S2 was updated it is loosing power at a quick rate. I ordered a new battery of of Amazon. Hope it will solve this. But after reading about it might not. Is there a way to go back to previous version?

    I don’t like this version. the screen lock notification. Dumb! And the little battery icon..duhh!
    Just not as nice as the old os..

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