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So you’ve discovered the fantastic web (and now offline!) game, Reprisal. You may have also discovered that it can be a little tricky. I’ve not completed the campaign mode yet but I have been having a great time with the newly added skirmish mode.

I’m sure you’ve felt it, the sinking feeling as an army that looks unbelievably large suddenly builds a land bridge over to your precious little island and you Reprisal the game - know its all over. The trick to preparing for this or to counter it is to expand your land early, away from the coast-lines nearest your enemies and to make sure your tribe is set to build.

This will ensure that they will expand across the island as quickly as possible, you may find that sometimes they start to cram into a corner or take ages wandering to find space, no problem! Set a expandingwaypoint in an unoccupied corner of your island, set your tribe to gather and when there are a few of them in the corner with others heading over the island, change them back to building. This will cause them to build on any unoccupied group they are stood on thus expanding your territory across a larger and more open area, making it quicker for any newly spawned tribesmen to find fresh ground to settle on.

So thats the basics of expanding early covered, but how to attack? The game almost tricks you into thinking that launching an attack is a final action by Reprisal the game - bridgesetting all your men to war, but in reality this should be done in short bursts. You want a sizable territory to ensure a healthy number of spawned tribesmen but at the same time you want your open territory to fill shortly before launching an attack. This will result in a number of wandering tribesmen, ready to move and surplus to requirements. Once you choose the option to look for a fight they will all head directly to the enemy, again you need to be the first to make the attacking move. By doing this you can choose where to build the land bridge and to ensure it is at least 2 squares wide to get enough of your men over but small enough to bring it down quickly if it all goes wrong.attacking

After your initial attack you will want to choose to build again, this will allow for a small beachhead within the enemy territory consisting of captured buildings and newly built buildings where your tribesmen were stood on unoccupied group when you switched their orders to build. After a minute or so you will want to launch your next attack. Whilst this is going on you can use distraction tactics to try and draw the enemy away from your attack and back into the heart of their territory. If you have any of the large area fire or lightning Reprisal the game - attackingattacks then launch a few across the furthest away part of their land. Doing this will destroy many buildings and tribesmen, the enemy will then look to build again on this freshly unoccupied ground to ensure they keep their supply of tribesmen coming, however this will cause their men to turn away from the front-lines thus leaving them open to your onslaught.

These are just some tactics I have developed over the past few weeks since the Reprisal the game - Victoryskirmish mode hit the game that have had the greatest success, balancing your early growth, attacking and pausing between attacks is the hardest element of this and will require practice and adjustment depending on how the land is generated.

Happy Reprisal-ing!

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    1. Throw down some forests, set them on fire and suddenly you can make larger areas unsuitable for settling for a while as well as doing larger areas of damage with something like a fireball

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