Android Ice Cream Sandwich Battery Drain – Experiences Wanted

I have posted previously about problems with the battery life on the Android Samsung Galaxy S2 after an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich and by the sheer amount of visitors this is by no means a problem that affects only myself.

My efforts to try and get it resolved have been shot down at practically every turn, the final solution I have now been offered is a downgrade to the last version – but no acknowledgement that anything is even wrong!

So, for whatever little this may be worth, I would be very interested to gather feedback from others with the same battery problem. Not much detail is required, all I am really interested in is your name with some detail on your phone model details, if it was bought with ICS or an upgrade from the last version and some bits on your battery life and support experience. Please fill in the below as I hope to take this forwards to try and get some sort of detail or more coherent response on the problems afflicting ICS. The fact that I cannot make it 6 hours without needing to put my phone on charge is frankly ridiculous.

Update: Read here for an update on how to fix the battery draining problem!

5 thoughts on “Android Ice Cream Sandwich Battery Drain – Experiences Wanted

  1. Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II had the original software version that came with this phone now its downloaded the ICS. I used to be able to use my battery for at least 12 hours with lots of use. Now with the same use I get 4 hours. Hope this helps and i am not happy with ics. Oh one more thing my display auto sets even with auto set brightness off.

    1. Hey, have a look at my most recent post about this on the blog. Basically I found a factory reset fixed everything and in your case it sounds like some of your old settings have persisted so I would definitely give it a try. Just make sure you take a backup first.

  2. I have a Motorola Atrix 2. Prior to update, battery could last up to 2 days assuming I’m not doing a ton of things during the day. After update, I have to charge my battery 1.5 times a day (overnight and again for ~1 hour in the evening). I am not doing anything I wasn’t doing before.

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