Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy S2 in the UK?

Android Jelly Bean has been about for a while now and its a fantastic update, but when is it likely to land on the Samsung Galaxy S2 in the UK? Samsung announced that it would be pushing it out at some point but haven’t yet given any dates.

Samsung Galaxy S2
Samsung Galaxy S2

In Canada its started to roll out with users reporting it arriving as an over the air update (OTA). This is unusual in itself as Samsung normally uses its Klies software to push out updates. Singapore and a few other European countries also started to get the update through February.

A quick look at the Samsung UK site and you’ll even notice that the online manual for the phone has been updated to the Jelly Bean one! Hopefully it will land soon and as soon as it does I’ll try and throw and update here, if you hear of it rolling out anywhere else or in the UK then please comment below and I’ll update the post.

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