Jelly Bean Lands in the UK

So after a long old wait, last month Android Jelly Bean finally landed onto my Samsung Galaxy S2 from my carrier, O2. To top it off, I also had the choice of installing via Samsungs Klies software (backup and update suite) or OTA, which is a first for my Samsung updates!

I’ve been running it for a few weeks now and I have to say, its much more stable with problems like;

– Rapid battery draining

– Wireless locking up when trying to switch on in some conditions

– Random crashes

All seem to have either gone, or been massively improved.

Overall the phone is still running fairly fast and they even managed an email client update which is actually a major leap forwards against the last version.

So really, if it hasn’t landed for you yet then keep holding on, it will soon! Otherwise, go and download it now – hopefully you won’t regret it!

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